ICYMI: Fake Klay Thompson Banned From Chase Center

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 3, 2019: Chase Center Grand Opening


Fake Klay Thompson has recently been a fixture at Golden State Warriors. Fake Klay decided to take it a step further by finally evolving into the real Klay, a decision that will forever have stiff implications. In a series of tweets by fake Klay (Dawson Gurley), the identical twin of Thompson, let fans know he is permanently banned from the Chase Center.

Gurley received his notice letter after deciding to take his role of Thompson further by going to the arena and becoming Thompson. Living out the dream of every NBA fan, Gurley had this to say on his permanent ban from the Chase Center via his Twitter account, “Was it worth it to lose 10K on tickets and be banned for life? Absolutely. I was an NBA player for 10 minutes bro”

Gurley’s stunt even has the world leader in sports discussing if the ban is too severe on a fan favorite in the Bay Area. Jalen Rose stands with Fake Klay, stating, “Y’all should be celebrating Fake Klay.” Unfortunately, the world we live in now can’t take someone easily entering a high-security area lightly.

Gurley understands the ramifications of his actions and is ready to let this moment become ancient history by letting it slide out of the news cycles. Warriors games will have a different feel to them from now on, knowing that Fake Klay will no longer be able to cheer on the Warriors.

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