Joey Votto Does The Griddy With Fan For TikTok Before Game (VIDEO)

Joey Votto remains the biggest hidden treasure in all of Major League Baseball. Monday night, the future Hall of Famer was asked to help a young fan create a TikTok.

Without hesitation, the Canadian first-baseman accepted the opportunity to create a moment a young fan will never forget.

The young fan from Phoenix brought a sign to the ballpark asking Votto to help her create a TikTok.

With Votto being a relatively new TikTok star himself, the viral sensation obliged at the opportunity. Votto delivered his best version of the “griddy,” The rest is now internet history.

Votto has been on a recent tear on social media, becoming a bright spot in a year when the Cincinnati Reds need a hero. The 16-year veteran is seeming to enjoy every moment on the field this season, even if the team isn’t producing as Votto would hope.

Votto recently made headlines after his hilarious appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, speaking on his career resume and the thoughts of being in the MLB Hall of Fame. No matter how you feel about Votto’s playing career and his Hall of Fame status, no one can question his heart and his love for the game of baseball.

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