My Top 5 Greatest Baseball Movies Of All Time

Baseball on the Infield Chalk Line


Baseball season is in full swing. With that being said, you may be starting to feel that itch to watch your favorite baseball movies. Look no further than the creation of this list. This will be the only list that is correct when ranking baseball movies. Here are the five greatest baseball movies of all time.

5. Field of Dreams

I will dive right on into the fire and place Field of Dreams at #5 on my list. I have a huge confession to make about this film. I did not see it until Covid-19 placed us all in solitary confinement for eternity. The cast is all-time, with Kevin Costner and Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones, but this feels like one of the movies that you had to be around to understand the importance.

4. Fever Pitch

If putting Field of Dreams 5th on my list wasn’t bad enough, then having Fever Pitch ranked above it has to enrage a baseball savant. Good thing this is my list and not yours. The Boston Red Sox breaking The Curse of The Great Bambino will forever live in my mind and the only reason I love this movie. Plus, Jimmy Fallon and that hard Boston accent. (Said in my best Boston accent.)

3. Moneyball

Moneyball made people realize that a real Major League Baseball team resided in Oakland. With one of Brad Pitt’s strongest performances and Jonah Hill shedding his Superbad skin, this movie delivers in comedy and its serious moments. Moneyball is a very rewatchable movie when going through sports films to give a second look.

2. A League of Their Own

Tom Hanks delivers the most iconic quote in the history of sports movies, “There’s no crying in baseball!” I can’t count the number of times I heard that line growing up in any sporting event when someone went down to a soft injury or groin shot. A genuinely legendary movie with a star-studded 90’s cast.

1. Major League

Major League is the greatest sports movie of all time, not just baseball. Major League II could easily be the second-best movie on my list, but I felt, just to be fair, that I only put the O.G. on the list. To go even further, Major League III: Back to The Minors could easily make my top five. Yes, that movie does exist. Shout out to an employee of a particular Wal-Mart in Kentucky who worked in electronics back in 2004 that argued with 11-year-old me that it didn’t exist. Who’s the loser now?

Most of the time, lists like this one can be subjective. Everyone has a specific taste in movies that they enjoy. However, this is the only correct list when talking about the greatest baseball movies of all time. Get over your snobby film takes and realize that Field of Dreams and The Sandlot are overrated. My pretentious list is the only take anyone should have. Did I mention that Summer Catch also received top 5 votes as well? We’ll save that for another day.

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