NFL Draft Rumors 2022: ‘Worst Kept Secret’ Jaguars Want To Go Offense

JACKSONVILLE, FL-NOVEMBER 11, 2016: EverBank professional sports stadium and home field for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


The 2022 NFL Draft is drawing closer, and the Jacksonville Jaguars will have an important decision to make with the No. 1 overall pick.

Leading up to the draft, there has been plenty of speculation that the team could be looking to add one of the top pass rushers in the class, but new reports indicate the team could actually go offense.

According to NFL insider Matt Lombardo, Doug Pederson wants to continue building around Trevor Lawrence.

“They could easily go pass-rusher, but it’s the worst kept secret that Doug Pederson wants to go offense with that pick,” an anonymous AFC coach reportedly said.

If they do go offense, it is expected that the team will address the offensive line.

“They’ll take the best available tackle. Whoever they think that is. They have to get that line right,” an anonymous NFC coordinator added.

The 2022 NFL Draft officially kicks off on April 28.

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