Doctors Worried Deion Sanders Could Lose Leg After Foot Surgery Complications

deion sanders


Deion Sanders battled through complications after foot surgery and they were much worse than anyone knew.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer went under the knife to repair a dislocated toe. However, due to the complications, Sanders had to undergo more procedures that had doctors concerned.

According to a new trailer for the Barstool Sports and SMAC Productions docuseries Coach Prime, doctors were concerned at one point that Sanders could lose his leg.

“A lot is still to be determined, but he’s gonna have a procedure done a little later today,” a doctor said in the preview. “You could lose your leg.”

New episodes of Coach Prime will begin dropping on February 22.

Along with a look back at the 2021 college football season, the episodes will provide an inside look at how Coach Prime and his program lured the No. 1 recruit in the entire country, Travis Hunter, to Jackson State.

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