Updated NFL Draft Order 2022: Picks 1-28 Set

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The 2022 NFL Draft is still months away, but the playoffs are in full swing and we are learning more about the first-round draft order each and every weekend as teams are eliminated.

Following the Divisional Round, we now know the top 28 picks in Round 1.

The Buffalo Bills land at No. 25 after a heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by the Tennessee Titans. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers sit at No. 27 and No. 28, respectively.

The final four draft positions will be determined as teams are eliminated on Championship Sunday and the Super Bowl result.

When would your team be on the clock if the season ended today?

A full look at the current NFL Draft order can be seen below.

2022 NFL Draft Order Entering Championship Sunday

1Jacksonville Jaguars*3-14
2Detroit Lions*3-13-1
3Houston Texans*4-13
4New York Jets*4-13
5New York Giants*4-13
6Carolina Panthers*5-11
7New York Giants (via CHI)*6-11
8Atlanta Falcons*7-10
9Denver Broncos*7-10
10New York Jets (via SEA)*7-10
11Washington Football Team*7-10
12Minnesota Vikings*8-9
13Cleveland Browns*8-9
14Baltimore Ravens*8-9
15Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA)*9-8
16Philadelphia Eagles (via IND)*9-8
17Los Angeles Chargers*9-8
18New Orleans Saints*9-8
19Philadelphia Eagles*9-8
20Pittsburgh Steelers*9-7-1
21New England Patriots*10-7
22Las Vegas Raiders*10-7
23Arizona Cardinals*11-6
24Dallas Cowboys*12-5
25Buffalo Bills*11-6
26Tennessee Titans*12-5
27Tampa Bay Buccaneers*13-4
28Green Bay Packers*13-4
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