Viral Sad Cowboys Fan Got Busted With Side Chick Thanks To TV Cameras

Imagine coughing up a bunch of money to go see your football team in the NFL Playoffs only to see them lose. That would be pretty brutal, right? But, it could get even worse as one viral Dallas Cowboys fan found out.

During the Cowboys Wild Card loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the cameras were ruthlessly panning to the crowd to capture shots of sad Cowboys fans. One of the fans who went viral was a dude with a massive gold chain and his arm wrapped around a young lady.

Remember him?

Well, according to another young lady on Instagram, this dude was a “serial cheater” and was at the game with his “side chick.”

The girl who made the allegations wrote, “He lied about how this trip when he swore it was a guys trip. He also told me he had cut this girl off but clearly, that was another lie.”

Talk about a rough day.

It’s one thing to go viral and become a meme because of your sadness. It’s another thing to go viral, become a meme, and get caught with a side chick. Hope it was worth the cost of admission because it was for those of us watching from home.

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