John Lynch ‘Accidentally’ Liked Tweet About Ditching Jimmy G After Loss

Minneapolis, MN/USA December 31, 2017, San Francisco 49ers Jumbo Helmet on Display for Super Bowl LII.


San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch had some explaining to do regarding his social media activity over the holiday weekend.

On Friday, some Twitter detectives realized Lynch had liked a tweet about the team leaving starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo behind in Nashville after suffering a loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Garoppolo struggled through the night with two interceptions and missed a wide-open receiver for what would have been a touchdown.

Many wonder what Garoppolo’s future in the Bay Area will be after the season — especially with first-round pick Trey Lance waiting in the wings — so when the tweet saying “Leave Jimmy in Nashville” appeared in Lynch’s likes, it raised some eyebrows.

After being informed of the buzz, Lynch ran to Twitter to clear the air and claims he “accidentally” liked the tweet.

“Apparently – while in Christmas Eve Mass w my Family – I accidentally and unknowingly Liked a Tweet,” Lynch wrote. “Never intended to and remain a huge believer in Jimmy. Merry Christmas to everyone.”

So there is your dose of Christmas drama. Let’s hope you don’t experience some of that same awkwardness over dinner on holiday.

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