Here Are The Most Hated NFL Fan Bases, Per New Survey

Arlington, Texas / USA - December 19, 2015: Strange Dallas Cowboys Fan Wearing a Helmet, Sunglasses and bad teeth Outside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX


Who are the most hated NFL fan bases across the league?

We can all probably guess who checked in at the number one spot, but thanks to it is confirmed that no one seems to like Dallas Cowboys fans.

The sports betting website tracked Twitter data in the last 90 days, tracking negative keyword phrases about each team’s fan base. For example, “Cowboys fans are the worst,” or “Eagles fans are awful,” or “I hate Steelers fans,” etc.

The NFC East and AFC North topped the list with two teams apiece.

Where did your team land on the list?

My biggest question is: how can anyone hate on the Detroit Lions aka the Fighting Dan Campbells?

And if you’re wondering why no one seems to be complaining about the Indianapolis Colts, I’d venture to guess it has something to do with fantasy football and the success of Jonathan Taylor carrying a number of teams to the fantasy football playoffs.

Seahawks vs Rams Live Stream: Watch NFL on FOX Online
Seahawks vs Rams Live Stream: Watch NFL on FOX Online
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