New York Giants Fan Appreciation Day Was A Hilarious Disaster

NEW YORK, USA - MAY 28, 2018: Swarovski Giants ball on sale in NFL Experience in Times Square, New York, a first-of-its-kind live action attraction, combining interactive games and 4D theatre.


The New York Giants held Fan Appreciation Day on Sunday afternoon for their game against the division rival Dallas Cowboys, and it was a hilarious disaster.

As it turned out, the Giants would give the ball away to the Cowboys’ defense more than the Giants gave to their loyal fans.

News began surfacing on social media that the Fan Appreciation Day giveaway for season ticket holders of the 4-10 Giants was nothing more than a medium Pepsi. Not only was the giveaway for a medium Pepsi, but it was only ONE Pepsi per season ticket holder and there were no refills. There wasn’t even a medium Pepsi per seat, but a single medium Pepsi for the person whose name was on the season-ticket holder account.

If you got the tickets from a season ticket holder that wasn’t with you, there was no free medium Pepsi to be had.

As you might expect, the Giants were absolutely roasted on social media for the horrible promotion.

You can check out some of the best reactions below.

Never change, Giants.

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