Zion Williamson Is Reportedly Tipping The Scales At 330 Pounds

Zion Williamson’s weight has always been a hot topic and some believe his injuries have been connected to his struggles to maintain a consistent playing weight.

This week, a photo began making the rounds that instantly had the internet buzzing.

I am not going to judge anyone for their weight because I don’t know exactly what issues Zion is dealing with, but his weight struggles have been documented and they have some league insiders talking. But facts are facts, and whether it’s right or wrong professional athletes will be judged by their ability to stay in top shape.

Luka Doncic is another example of this. He reportedly weighed in at 260 earlier this season and has been struggling with his fitness. That was discussed on Tuesday’s episode of The Lowe Post podcast where everything circled back to Zion.

Zach Lowe asked reporter Tim MacMahon how Doncic’s fitness issued compared to Williamson when McMahon decided to drop the bomb.

“The number I’ve heard from several places about Zion is 70 pounds higher than 260. You do the math,” MacMahon said.

Yes, that’s 330 pounds.

Williamson recently suffered a setback as he attempts to return to the court. Williamson recently returned to full team activities but experienced soreness as he continues to recover from a broken right foot, according to CBS Sports.

When Williamson will return remains to be seen, with no specific date set.

Let’s hope Williamson can get back to 100 percent and be in playing shape sooner rather than later, because he has a promising young career that has shown signs of brilliance.

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Celtics vs Lakers Live Stream: Watch NBA on TNT Online
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