Quinn Ewers’ Rumored NIL Offer From Texas Could Change College Football

AUSTIN,TX/USA - NOVEMBER 14: Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium at campus of University of Texas. November 14, 2013.


Quinn Ewers has already had a legendary start to his college football career. And now, the former number one overall recruit could find himself with a new historic NIL deal… under one condition: he joins the Texas Longhorns.

The entire state of Texas is taking a stab at the talented quarterback.

However, the rumors of what Texas is offering would be too sweet to pass up.

Ewers, who left high school a year early to join the Ohio State Buckeyes, will now be looking to return to his home state of Texas to play his college ball. Ewers, who has already made a pretty penny from NIL deals with the Buckeyes, is now looking at astronomical numbers from one Texas team.

Geoff Ketchum of Orangeblood.com claims that rumors are swirling of the NIL opportunities that await Ewers if he joins the Longhorns. “Word on the street is that first-round draft pick-level NIL money is on the table for Quinn Ewers if he chooses Texas as his transfer destination,” Ketchum tweeted on Tuesday. “The weaponization on the NIL front is fully underway.”

If Ewers never plays another down under center in college football, the kid has already become a legend to college athletes looking to make some cash during their time at college.

If this deal happens, the landscape of college football will change forever.

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