Aaron Rodgers Shows Off Bare Foot Since People Took ‘COVID Toe’ Joke Seriously

SEATTLE - AUGUST 21: Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers walks on Qwest Field after winning a football game August 21, 2010 in Seattle, Washington.


People took Aaron Rodgers seriously when he joked about having “COVID Toe,” so now we are all being subjected to seeing the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s bare foot.

Rodgers was making his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show when he joked about having “COVID toe.” Rodgers made the tongue-in-cheek comment while actually revealing that he was dealing with a bone issue.

“This is something that’s not going to go away,” Rodgers told McAfee while noting surgery was an option. “I believe that I mentioned it was more painful than turf toe. That joint in the big toe (with turf toe), it is very painful. So naturally I’m leading people to understand if it’s worse than turf toe, there must be some sort of bone issue.”

Apparently “COVID toe” is a real thing that causes lesions and pain in the foot for people who had COVID-19. Rodgers was clearly making a joke about the hysteria caused when he tested positive for COVID a few weeks ago when referencing his current injury, but people ran with it. So on Wednesday, he had to clarify with reporters that he actually is dealing with a fractured toe and not “ToeVid.”

So, there we have it.

Aaron Rodgers has a fractured toe and some people on the internet don’t understand jokes.

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