Joe Biden Says A Diplomatic Boycott Is Possible For 2022 Olympics

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President Biden states that he is open to a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics that are taking place in Bejing, China. Biden has received pressure from those in the senate as China’s human rights issues continue to be a growing concern within the country.

Senator Tom Cotton has even said that the United States should boycott the entire Winter Olympics. No athletes or diplomats. Senator Cotton believes the United States should stand firm and not even travel to China for the games. President Biden has yet to comment on whether or not the United States will altogether boycott the Olympics. However, President Biden is open to a diplomatic boycott.

It has also been reported that President Biden did not speak on the potential diplomatic boycott in his recent talks with the President of China, Xi Jinping. A diplomatic boycott would speak volumes about how the United States feels about the human rights issues going on in China.

A complete boycott would send shockwaves throughout the entire country and the entire world. Athletes here in the United States have already expressed concerns about how China is treating the people of their country. NBA star Enes Kanter shows his support of those fighting for their rights in China and has expressed that President Biden should take the boycott seriously.

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