NFL Sends Absurd Memo Re-Emphasizing Focus On Taunting Penalties

Referees on field - week #3 of the 2019 NFL Pre-Season Game Atlanta Falcons Host the New York Jets on Thursday August 15th 2019 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia USA


The NFL sent out a ridiculous reminder to teams around the league re-emphasizing the focus on taunting penalties this season.

According to Kevin Seifert of, Senior Vice President of Officiating Training and Development Walt Anderson appeared in a video discouraging players from showing emotion on the field and further proving that the NFL does stand for the “No Fun League.”

“Appropriate celebration, enthusiasm and sharing great moments with our teammates and fans is encouraged. The emphasis by the NFL to discourage acts of taunting or disrespect, when you direct actions toward an opponent or his bench, will continue. Officials are instructed to call fouls on actions that demonstrate that disrespect,” the memo read.

“Avoid any actions where you approach an opponent or his bench and gesture, posture or otherwise demonstrate any verbal or physical form of disrespect. Turn away. Take the opportunity to celebrate with your teammates and don’t put officials in the position of having to make a judgment about whether or not your actions rise to the level of a foul. Remove all doubt and don’t put yourself or your team at risk of a penalty.”

To make matters even more embarrassing for the NFL, Anderson said that the focus on taunting calls is in the best interest of the kids at home. Seriously.

“When our youth see us making a great play and then showing up an opponent that sends the message to them that such behavior is OK. But that is not the message that we want to promote for our great game,” Anderson noted.

Doubling down on the taunting crackdown is something that no one asked for.

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