Mel Kiper Compares Cincinnati’s Desmond Ridder To Josh Allen; Praises Upside

Nashville, Tennessee / USA - April 25, 2019: This is the NFL draft in Nashville, TN on April 25, 2019. This shows part of the stage and some of the crowd.


Football season is fastly approaching its end. Fear not; just because the season is ending doesn’t mean football news will stop. Mel Kiper Jr. is already looking ahead to the 2022 NFL Draft.

This week, Kiper discussed the quarterback prospect he believes has the most upside and even drew comparisons to Buffalo Bills star signal-caller Josh Allen.

Kiper’s comments could surprise a few, even with this quarterback class being considered weaker than most.

Enter Cincinnati quarterback Desmond Ridder.

While many believe that no quarterback has taken the reigns as the top guy in this upcoming draft, Mel Kiper gives us a reason to be excited about the Bearcats star.

Ridder’s mind is far from the NFL Draft with his opportunity to lead the Bearcats to their first college football playoff birth in program history. However, the idea of going first overall can’t be entirely out of the quarterback’s mind. Ridder’s family needs to start having those Eli Manning discussions about wanting to be the first pick but not wanting to play for the team that has the first pick.  Sorry Lions fans, you know it’s true.

The NFL Draft is still a little way out so Kiper could easily change his opinion on who his top quarterback is by the time the selection is made, but for now all eyes are on Ridder.

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