Ben Simmons Trade Rumors: Celtics, 76ers Reportedly Engage In Trade Talks

1/10/20: The home venue of the Boston Bruins and Celtics is surrounded by new construction


A Shams bomb has kicked off this week’s NBA news, with the Celtics expressing interest in Ben Simmons. Simmons has yet to play a second this season, and the drama between him and the 76ers seems to have no end in sight.

The Celtics are desperate to make a splash at this point of the season, and their eyes now appear to be on the embattled 76ers star.

Simmons has continued to pay hefty fans for not appearing in games for the 76ers, and this situation will not be ending until Simmons is in another uniform. Kudos to Simmons for still shelling out money that most of us will never see in our lives just to prove his time in Philadelphia is over.

If you’re wondering who might be in the Celtics part of the package to receive Simmons, don’t look further than Marcus Smart. The Celtics have been one of the biggest underachievers in the entire league. The team sits way outside the playoff standings at 12th, and the front office believes a change needs to happen to refocus the group.

It will be interesting to see the other teams who may throw their name in the Simmons sweepstakes. The Simmons saga could be far from over, but if his next destination is Boston, the Celtics-76ers rivalry will get a whole lot more interesting.

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