New World – A New Game from Amazon Games

Amazon Games is an American video game enterprise, a subset of the Amazon Company that focuses on video games creation. It was formerly called Amazon Games Studio and was founded on August 7, 2012. The headquarters is in Seattle, Washington, United States, and other divisions of the retailing company include Amazon Games, San Diego, Amazon Games, Montreal, and many more. Most websites that provide game reviews at top 10 casinos online upload short articles about the history of video games and how Amazon Games started.

In 2011, Amazon opened its app store and recruited game developers to create mobile games. A year later, Amazon Games Studio published a game called Living Classics, which could be played on Facebook.

In 2014, the company announced its plans to create computerized games. With the help of game developers, they have created games that are appealing to video gaming lovers. Since after the first game, Living Classics, created by Amazon Games, they created a couple of games for different platforms.

Below is a short table to list the series of games they have produced, the year they were created, and the platforms they can be played on.

Year of Production Names of Games






2014 To-Fu Fury,

Tales From Deep Space,

Sev Zero


Amazon Game Studios


Amazon App Store, Apple Store,

Amazon App Store, Apple Store, and Google Play Store



Lost Within,

Til Morning’s Light


Amazon Game, Studios WayForward


Amazon App Store, Apple Store,

Amazon Appstore



Dragon’s Lair


Amazon Game Studio Seattle


Twitch Extension




The Grand Tour Game


Amazon Game Studio Seattle


PlayStation 4, Xbox One




New World


Amazon Game Orange County, Relentless Studio




The last row of the table above shows that the Amazon Game Orange County, based in California, developed the new game titled New World, and it was released in September 2021.

The New World Game

New World is a new online multiplayer video game developed by the Amazon Game Company in California, United States of America. The company released it in the last days of September 2021. The game was set to release in the summer of 2020 and 2021, respectively, before it was postponed to its final date. The storyline is about some players who took over a land that was modelled after the Americans.

How is the Game Played?

It is a multiplayer game, and different players can create groups with three-four members each. After forming the group, they can join any of the three factions available such as Covenant, Syndicate, and Marauders. They can also design items, dominate settlements, go around the world, team up to fight other players, or even fight monsters.

While playing the game, you can’t lock your target while attacking your enemies; you have to set your hand at aiming your targets manually. As you progress in each level, you meet opponents who are programmed to be stronger, smarter, and more complex with a high level of intelligence. It necessitates every player to increase their focus and fight efficiently using weapon blocks, timed attacks, retreats, and dodges.

Some of the weapons available for game players are a hatchet, a spear, life staff, a hammer, a sword and a shield, a bow and an arrow, and fire staff. The character a player uses can also improve his fighting skills. Generally, the character levels up its attribute skills, weapon skill, and trade skills. The trade skill can be sub-divided into refining skills, gathering skills, and crafting skills. Another essential skill is the camping skill which determines the survival rate of the character in the wilderness.

Gold coins serve as the currency in the game’s economy. Characters can sell useless items in exchange for gold coins. Apart from getting gold coins, they can obtain resources or transfer them directly to another player. AIn addition, a player can purchase houses and beautiful utilities to get bonuses from the game. Some other advanced features of the game make it look exactly like how ordinary real-life people live.

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Game Development

In 2016, New World was revealed on a platform, and Amazon Game Studios made it known that they are currently working on three computer games: Breakaway, Crucible, and New World. For some reason, in 2018, Breakaway was cancelled, giving the development team time and energy to focus on the remaining games. Late last year, Relentless Studios announced that they would be cancelling Crucible, and their reason was the idea of not being able to sustain the game later on.

After the second announcement, enough time and hands were working on the last title, New World. Earlier this year, the gaming company announced the official release date for New World Game. A month before the release date, a ‘closed beta’ version was launched. Tech geniuses and YouTubers discovered some errors in the application and voiced their opinions about the effect on the game. They also stated that some corrections need to be made before the official release.

In the first week of August, the team announced the change in release date due to some developments that need to be made, having received feedback from the beta version testing. As a result, the new date for the release of the game was September 28, 2021. 


On September 28, 2021, it was a global release from Amazon Game Studios, and there were five regions readily available at the time of launch, namely:

  • Europe,
  • South America,
  • Australia,
  • East Coast and,
  • West Coast of U.S.A.

These regions were available at the launching time, but the game did not start running simultaneously. At 8 am local time, it was available in all regions except Australia, which got theirs precisely an hour later. On the release date, hundreds of thousands of players were concurrently playing the game. It was pretty difficult for the game server to handle because the number of players exceeded its limit. The team was able to provide additional servers in several regions. 


Lots of online players talked about the game positively, stating how the graphics made it look as natural as possible. Some people also commended the skills owned by the characters. However, people complained about the character customization, saying that it needs to be improved. Also, people commented on the game bugs; bugs are standard for every application, so timely updates are done to minimize their effects on the gameplay.

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