Where Odell Beckham Jr Will Land? Latest Odds & Favorites

LOS ANGELES - JUL 10: Odell Beckham Jr. arrives to ESPY Awards 2019 on July 10, 2019 in Hollywood, CA


The marriage between the Cleveland Browns and Odell Beckham Jr. looks like it will end in a messy divorce.

With Beckham Jr. being excused from practice yesterday, the former Pro Bowl receiver will likely be on the move sooner rather than later. If Beckham is cut loose, he will be available for every NFL team on waivers.

If Beckham does become available, there are some very intriguing options across the league.

Who would be favored to land OBJ?

A look at the odds for Beckham’s next destination can be seen below, via MaxiBet.com.

  • Saints 3-1
  • Ravens 7-2
  • Raiders 4-1
  • Bills 5-1
  • Patriots 5-1
  • Colts 8-1
  • Titans 8-1
  • Rams 10-1
  • 49ers 12-1
  • Packers 15-1
  • Vikings 15-1
  • Panthers 20-1
  • Eagles 25-1
  • Chargers 33-1
  • Giants 40-1
  • Buccaneers 50-1
  • Cowboys 50-1
  • Steelers 66-1
  • Bengals 66-1

The New Orleans Saints are early favorites to land Beckham Jr. The perfect place for Beckham would be reuniting with the state of Louisiana, a place that his status remains legendary from his college days at LSU.

The two teams least likely to snag the receiver, AFC rivals Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, would be great places for OBJ to get revenge on his time in Cleveland.

Beckham Jr. has once again been excused from Browns practice for the second straight day. It didn’t work out in Cleveland, and both sides seem ready to move on. However, all eyes will be on Beckham wherever he lands.

Beckham will want to be the focal point of any offense he joins. Where will the receiver end up next? Sound off in the comments section below.

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