Is Weather Control Possible?



A Science fiction writer has a vivid imagination. They can create a character who has control over the country’s weather conditions. The character Mr Mojo can order a gentle shower or sunshine to keep the inhabitants happy. Perhaps Mr Mojo is not feeling loved, so he may order some thunder and lightning as well. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable. It is not like a 20 free spins no deposit casino where there’s an indemnity that you will get to play at all costs! 

Many people have several questions about the weather. Little kids may ask whether their daddy can bring rain or snowfall, and adults wish for bright sunshine on the beaches. 

The question is – Can we control the weather? This article will answer your question. Moreover, you will be delighted to find out some interesting facts. Keep reading! 

Rain Dance & Rain Makers 

We have seen many movies where people do a rain dance and ask the Almighty to sprinkle some water on their crops. Various Native American tribes did a little dance to wheedle moisture from the skies. Rainmakers used to charge a small fee to induce rain. 

Perhaps the rain dance and other techniques used by rainmakers were useful. 

Can You Control the Weather? 

Here’s a quick answer to your question – weather control IS possible. Even though weather is unpredictable, scientists in different countries have developed technologies to control it. 

The United States, Russia, and China have made public demonstrations of advanced weather-controlled technologies. However, the United Nations and the US have some laws that restrict scientists from using them. 

China is always on the lookout for efficient people in the Weather Modification Office. They have put in efforts to reduce drought and hailstorms. In fact, during the Vietnam War, the US utilized weather technology and Russia is also utilizing similar technology. 

The Process of Cloud Seeding 

Since we are talking about controlling the weather, you must know about the cloud seeding process. It is a weather-modification process in which silver iodide induces precipitation. 

In the 2008 Olympics, China had 4,000 rocket launchers, 30 aeroplanes, and 7000 aircraft guns to stop the rain. The purpose was to shrink the raindrops before they reached the Olympics stadium.

Rainshower on Your Special Day 

Some private companies offer to bring a rain shower on your wedding day. By paying a sum of $6000, you can make your wedding or proposal day extra romantic. Please note that controlling the weather is possible through various technologies, but there are some laws. If you develop such technology or use it without caring about the norms and laws, you could end up in jail. 

On a Serious Note

Aren’t we controlling the weather by cutting trees and using harmful chemicals? Technically, we are the culprits behind global warming. Weather control can either be seen as a dream or a nightmare. Human activities have already started changing the weather (we are doing it right now), but controlling it will be a nightmare. We need to put extra effort into conserving the planet and not indulging in activities that modify the weather.

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