Comedy and Parody in Gaming Industry

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The gaming industry, along with music videos and movies, uses humor and irony in its products. This applies to both video games and other entertainment content, and even gambling kind of leisure. So, launching free slots to play for fun you can choose a slot machine of different themes with a parodic and humorous bias. For this purpose, developers create funny characters that make funny or sometimes absurd actions, entertaining the players.

As for video games, here you can find both subtle and more crude humor, it all depends on the developer and the perception of the users, their philosophy. Meanwhile, games in this format are in demand but not always fully understood by a wide audience.

A separate niche is videos created by ordinary people who mock these or those characters from video games. They are assigned a special voiceover, the game pieces are combined into a general parody. Such games as The Witcher and DOOM got joke videos long ago and still have not lost their popularity and fans.

Famous directors went even further and created entire movies based on video games. Such products that have already been released include Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg that features a legion of characters from the video game industry. Another example is Ralph, a cartoon by Disney.

At the same time, the developers are faced with the challenge of adapting humor and parody to the general public. The fact is that every nation has its own concept of what is funny, so for the development of international content consultants are invited to help adapt the story for the audience in different parts of the world. To a greater extent, it concerns the dialogues, which carry all the semantic load of the storyline. This approach pays off with the popularity of the game because the modern gamer appreciates the game product more for the storyline and gameplay than for a beautiful picture

One should be careful with parody and introduce milder elements, so as not to provoke the wrath of fans. Such parodies look more like an affectionate reference than a mockery, although even here there are some authors who pull no punches.

The top parody games

There are not many quality video games in the gaming industry that showcase sharp jokes while still being popular with a global audience. However, there are some masterpieces in the library of several developers that are still running on thousands of devices around the world and contributing to new videos and memes.


Double Fine Productions has skillfully used parody and humor in its video game. Immediately after getting acquainted with the main characters, attentive players have associations, which continue during the further development of events. For example, the secondary characters – the janitor, the salesman, and the boat keeper – do not accidentally look a lot like the secret agent Cruller. Furthermore, the Psychonauts themselves look so funny – Raz in his weird glasses, little Dogen in his fancy silver hat, or Bulgakov, in his pioneer tie and huge hat, dreaming of fighting a wrestling match with a bald bear.

Each of the numerous scenes is accompanied by funny dialogues, and ordinary objects are used for absolutely unintended purposes. In general, the game has become an excellent parody of kaiju films, since extraordinary monsters are found not only while running through the game. They also sit in the heads of the characters.

Untitled Goose Game

It happens that hidden subtexts in the game are found even if they were not originally intended by the developers. So it happened with the well-known goose simulator from the House House studio. Right at the start, when the bird looks out of the bushes, the player is invited to press the spacebar, causing cackling. It does not make any sense, it just annoys others. 

In general, the idea of the game is that there is none. This has become a certain parody of all the gamers who are busy in the game just wandering around and doing the tasks they receive. Goose also sometimes goes through quests that appear out of nowhere at the will of the developer. This emphasizes the pointlessness of what is going on. 

So, what theories have been developed about the simulator? There are only three:

  1. The most obvious one, which is advocated by the majority of players and even by some critics, is that the game is a simple mock simulation in which you can be a goose, wander wherever you want, and disturb those around you. This version is supported in a certain way by the developers, saying that the idea came spontaneously after a picture of a goose was uploaded in a work chat.
  2. A meta-commentary on the game and gaming culture in general. It’s a little more complicated with a philosophical view of what’s going on around here. There’s speculation about why the goose behaves the way it does, what motivates animals to act – instinct or thinking? In the game, the goose looks like a common troublemaker, which is consistent with Heraclitus’ thesis. In addition, delving deeper into the theme, one finds a share of satire in the goose performing useless tasks, such as dragging a rake into a lake. This is a mockery of interactive entertainment.
  3. A metaphor for human life. People in their lives, like the goose, run through an unfriendly world striving for some accomplishment, and in the end, not being rewarded, get disappointed in the meaning of life. Trying to become visible and needed, the goose finds no solution other than to muck about and perform absurd tasks. 

We have looked at two of the most famous mock parodies with philosophical overtones. There are a number of other games, referencing the original or mocking certain clichés. We present a few of these pairs:

  • Death Trips is a parody of all horror-themed video games. The short film took only two days to be created and became the shortest game lasting only a few seconds.
  • Enough Plumbers is a parody of Super Mario Bros, in which the player will also control a character in a red suit, smash blocks and run to the base.
  • Five Nights at Fuckboy’s is a parody of the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  • Pyst is a parody of Myst that is based on a similar gameplay, but with a different, more down-to-earth meaning.
  • Super Chick Sisters spoofs Super Mario Bros, but with harsher humor. Mario and Luigi refuse to save Pamela Anderson, and a couple of chick sisters go on an adventure. The game is filled with sarcasm and locker-room jokes.
  • The What-Iffers in: Final Fancy is a parody of Final Fantasy.


Gamers, like all people, like to laugh, joke, and get positive emotions. Video games made in the genre of parodies and jokes accomplish this role. And the most attentive users will have more secrets, subtexts, and philosophical reflections being unveiled for them as a reward, as it happened with the Goose simulator. It seems boring only at first glance, but if you think about the meaning of this character, you can see a lot more than just a silly bird. 


A superficial look at any video game will not allow you to understand its full meaning. So if it is important, it is worth delving into the details. And after that, the gameplay will gain clarity and become much more interesting. 

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