Von Miller Traded To Los Angeles Rams: Twitter Reacts



The Los Angeles Rams decided to drop a bomb Monday afternoon with the acquisition of long-time Denver Bronco, Von Miller. The 8-time pro bowler will become an unstoppable force with the rest of the Los Angeles defense. With Miller now joining a stacked Rams defense, let’s check out some reactions to the news.

For teams that still have to play the Rams this season, good luck. Los Angeles has now put itself in a prime position to become a favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Miller will now be on the same side of the ball as Aaron Donald. How any offensive line can contain that will be a mystery.

Miller will forever be known as a Denver Bronco legend. Helping the team win a Super Bowl and, in the process, became MVP of the big game. Denver doesn’t look to be a threat for postseason relevancy any time in the near future. Shipping Miller to a place where he has a chance to win it all seems like the right decision. The Rams will welcome the Titans next Sunday night. Ryan Tannehill needs to go ahead and give his entire game check to his offensive line in hopes they can contain the monster that is known as the Rams front seven.

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