ESPN Starts NHL Coverage With Tribute To NHL Theme & It Was Incredible (VIDEO)

TORONTO, CANADA, 17. JULY: National Hockey LeagueLogo of NHL club on the screen. Stenley Cup Trophy Silhouette.


The NHL returned to ESPN for the first time since 2003. One thing that fans of the league had missed during that time was the music of NHL on ESPN. Fortunately for fans, ESPN didn’t forget the music that became iconic.

The worldwide leader in sports gave fans an emotional tribute to the music that once welcomed fans to hockey night on ESPN.


The tribute is narrated by Justin Bieber, who continues to show his support of the game he grew up a fan of. The video follows the creation of the iconic theme from composer Bob Christianson. Christianson’s life changed with one simple phone call from ESPN asking him if he would like to create the music for NHL on ESPN.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The music went on to excite an entire generation of hockey fans. The video shows current NHL players who remembered the tune and became excited upon hearing it once again.

The video also showed a newer generation of players who had no idea where the music came from. The NHL’s exit from ESPN has been a lifetime ago for some fans and younger players. However, now the two are together again, and it already feels like a perfect relationship. ESPN has pulled out all the stops to welcome back the NHL to their programming.

Let’s hope the passion for the sport sticks around.

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