18 Former NBA Players Arrested For Defrauding NBA Health & Welfare Benefit Plan



18 former NBA players have been arrested and charged for defrauding the NBA Health and Welfare Benefit Plan. Law enforcement stated that the former players have been charged with taking $4 million from the plan, according to ESPN.com.

Many familiar names are involved in this situation — including Tony Allen, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Sebastian Telfair, and many more.

Tom Winters posted the names of some of the players involved in the federal charges.

Winters explained on Twitter that as details continue to come out on the situation, his story will be updated. Winters reports that the indictment states that former NBA player Terrance Williams planned to submit false claims to the Health and Welfare Benefit Plan.

From the ESPN report:

The indictment said he then recruited other former NBA players to defraud the plan and offered to provide fraudulent invoices from a chiropractor and dentist in Southern California and a wellness office in Washington state. At least 10 of the former players paid kickbacks totaling about $230,000 to Williams, according to the court papers. A lawyer who has represented Williams in the past declined to comment.

This story continues to go down the rabbit hole, with Williams being the focal point of the situation.

Of the 18 players listed, 16 have already been taken into federal custody. According to the reports, Tony Allen’s wife, Desiree Allen, is also charged in the indictment. Terrance Williams could be facing multiple charges in this case.

Not only did Williams submit false documents, but the former NBA veteran is also being accused of impersonating a claims representative for the benefit plan. The article goes on to say the indictment has multiple other claims against Williams.

The league has yet to comment on the situation.

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