NFL Week 3 Highlights: Biggest Stories & Moments


Week 3 of the NFL gave us plenty to talk about this week. Stories range from players attempting to pay off a drug test to historic kicks crushing the dreams of a depressed fan base.

Week 3 will conclude Monday night with the Cowboys and Eagles. A game that I’m sure will have people talking.

For now, here are the top stories from Week 3.

La’el Collins Did What?

Without even having a game on Sunday, the Cowboys still find a way to make headlines. Cowboys starting offensive lineman La’el Collins has been suspended by the NFL for trying to bribe a drug test collector.

Collins had failed multiple tests and assumed maybe he would get away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling test collectors.

Either way, the Cowboys will be without a big piece to their offensive line.

A Historic Kick In Detroit

Turn your heads away, Lions fans. Justin Tucker continued his dominance in the kicking game and may have cemented himself as the greatest kicker of all time after Sunday.

Tucker gave the Ravens a 19-17 win over the Lions Sunday by making the longest kick in NFL history at 66 yards.

Of all the crushing ways the Lions have lost, this one easily makes its way into the top 5.

Justin Fields Debut Was Not Ideal

The Bears rookie QB has finally seen the actual speed of a regular-season game compared to slowed down preseason. Fields spent most of the game on his back and completed only 6 of his 20 pass attempts. Including the negative yardage plays in the game, Justin Tucker’s game-winning kick went for more yards than the Bears offense collected for the entire game.

Fields will take the field for his second start against the Lions next week. Buckle up for an instant classic.

Brady Falls Before His Homecoming

Before the prodigal son returns home to Foxboro next week, Brady and the Bucs had a tough test in front of them with the Rams. The defending Super Bowl champs had no answer for Matthew Stafford and the new-look Rams. Brady will not have much time to sulk.

I’m sure the future Hall-of-Famer has already set his eyes on Bill and the Pats.

This cringeworthy Sunday Night Football promo will have everyone fired up for next Sunday night.

Never Give Rodgers Time

The master of the comeback capped off a Sunday of great football. The 49ers became the latest victim to give Aaron Rodgers enough time to lead the Packers down the field for a fantastic last-second win.

It took Rodgers only 37 seconds to get his team in position for old reliable Mason Crosby to kick the game-winner Sunday night.

When will the league learn never to leave a second on the clock for the Green Bay gunslinger?

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