New York Jets Get Brutally Roasted By 12-Year-Old TikToker (VIDEO)

Jets Helmet - week #3 of the 2019 NFL Pre-Season Game Atlanta Falcons Host the New York Jets on Thursday August 15th 2019 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia USA


Listen, we all know that the New York Jets are not a good football team. But when you start getting roasted by 12-year-old kids on TikTok over your performance on the field, it’s really time to take a deeper look at why the team has been a perennial bottom-feeder in the league.

The TD.Sports TikTok account shared a video of a Zach Wilson interception against the New England Patriots and went on to ruthlessly roast everyone on the field who was wearing green.

“If there’s one play that sums up the New York Jets, this one has to be it,” he starts by saying.

When you follow along with everything the kid is saying, you start to feel some secondhand embarrassment for the Jets. There really was a free rusher, an offensive lineman getting annihilated, a hold the referees ignored, and two dudes literally just staring at each other.

Let’s hope this kid continues his breakdowns each week, because watching an NFL team get roasted by a teenager will always be hilarious.

For the Jets, however, it’s back to business on Sunday with a road trip to Mile High to take on the Denver Broncos. Good luck, because they are probably going to need it.

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