Teen Attempts To Measure Manhood; Gets USB Cable Stuck In Penis

Young couple of doctor and surgeon over isolated background afraid and shocked with surprise expression, fear and excited face.


A UK teenager had to undergo an incredibly unfortunate surgery after attempting to measure his manhood.

According to a case from the medical journal Urology Case Reports, a 15-year-old attempted to measure his penis which ended up with a USB cable getting lodged in his urethra.

Somehow, nearly the entire knotted cord was stuck inside of him and he began urinating blood.

His own attempts to pull the cord out were unsuccessful.

After he admitted to the doctors that his sexual curiosity got the best of him, the teen had to undergo surgery. Luckily, he kept his parts intact and was discharged the following day.

The New York Post adds:

Per the report, the embarrassed boy asked to speak to doctors without his mother present, whereupon he “confessed” to his frightening escapade.

Subsequent X-rays revealed that there was a veritable Gordian knot of USB wire inside the teenager, which required surgeons to make an incision in the region between his genitals and anus to yank it out. They pulled the spooled end through the hole first, cutting it free from the rest of the wire before removing the remaining bits — literally pulling the plug.

A follow-up two weeks later gave the boy the good news that there would be no lasting damage.

So, if any of you heathens have any curiosity in the future, stop short of plugging yourself in. Because no one wants to go through that.

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