Lions Fans Have Mixed Emotions Watching Stafford’s Debut With Rams


Matthew Stafford played his first game in a new town, wearing a new jersey for the first time in his 13 year career. Stafford’s debut with the Los Angeles Rams was an incredible success as the Rams routed the Bears on Sunday Night Football 14-34. Lions fans watched with mixed emotions as the man who was the center of the Detroit organization is now finding success in the city of the stars.

Happy Lions Fans

For the most part, the majority of Lions fans on social media were happy that the former 1st overall pick looked great in his 2021 debut in Los Angeles. Lions fans realize how much he meant to the city of Detroit and that he cared about putting a good team on the field every Sunday.

It was a hard moment for fans to see Stafford in another uniform, but many couldn’t contain their support for a player who meant so much to them for so long.

Mad Lions Fans

Some fans were less than thrilled to see Stafford shine on another stage. Many fans have been done with Stafford since the trade that brought a new QB to Detroit. Call it jealousy because an ex is succeeding in life, or call it anger because the Lions had a very Lions game in Week One. Some folks had to voice their displeasure of Stafford supporters last night.

Lions fans should not hate on other Lions fans for supporting Matthew Stafford. Both sides can agree that number 9 gave everything he had while playing in Detroit. Why can’t fans support someone who knows what it likes to be with the Detroit organization? Stafford’s departure from Detroit was graceful, and he loved the organization. The real issue that should unite Lions fans is the national media acting like Stafford became an elite QB overnight.

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