NFL Fines 25 Players $14,650 For Not Wearing Masks, Tracking Devices

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The NFL is proving to players that they must take the league’s COVID-19 protocols very seriously, and 25 players found out the hard way that if they do not comply then they will be hit where it hurts the most.

Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported that 25 players received $14,650 fines for a first offense and “roughly 120 players leaguewide” were given written notice for violations.

The 25 players who were fined received the penalities “for refusal to wear a mask and/or Kinexon tracking device since the start of training camp.” Amon the players were Buffalo Bills wide receivers Cole Beasley and Isaiah McKenzie.

Beasley has been adamantly against getting the vaccine and his violations were committed on Tuesday, while McKenzie violated rules on Wednesday in front of an NFL official who was giving a presentation on the league’s COVID-19 rules to the team, Pelissero stated.

McKenzie shared his letter on social media.

“On August 25, 2021, at approximately 2:15 p.m. while walking through the indoor fieldhouse and into the training room, you failed to wear a mask,” the letter shared by McKenzie read. “Then at approximately 4:35 p.m. on August 25, for several minutes, you again failed to wear a mask in the meeting area of the weight room while gathered near other players after the offensive meeting.”

The $14,650 fine was for a first offense under the NFL-NFL Players Association agreement, so continued refusal to wear a mask or tracking device when required will prove to be very costly as the season continues.

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