Top 3 Highest-Earning UFC Fighters in 2021

Contenders in the MMA industry from separate parts of the world endeavor to get an opportunity to battle on the planet’s greatest MMA event of all time. As far as pay per view (PPV) events and worldwide exposure, the current fighters are in the prime of the highest-earning fight business in this day and age. Below, we will take a gander at the 3 most valuable UFC athletes presently active in the sport;

  • Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor 

Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor, was already a superstar when he debuted in the octagon in 2013, winning a 60,000 dollar Knockout of the Night award. His personality and tough demeanor have made him a trademark in the sport. Due to Conor’s attraction to fight fans he was quickly labelled as the poster boy in the UFC.

‘The Notorious’ is the highest-paid UFC fighter in the whole of the sport, becoming the first athlete to earn a million dollars in compensation. The superstar has earned a total of 18 million dollars in earnings from his first fight in UFC 196, throughout his most recent loss in UFC 257 against Porier. The Irishman is said to have earned roughly 30 million dollars for his astonishing performance against Donald ‘The Cowboy’ Cerrone, including his portion of the PPV buys which amounts to around one million dollars. According to bookmakers the sport’s massive financial support comes from online betting sites such as, Comeon and many more. Where you can bet on your favourite martial artist, while making a fortune.

  • Israel ‘The Last Style Bender’ Adesanya

This middleweight champion has been pulling in on big paydays for his title defence, which he appears to be winning with ease. Israel Adesanya has transformed into a superstar in the span of 3 years since his debut, nowadays he is one of the highest-paid UFC fighters and made a huge impact on the sport due to his high-popularity.

After his third title defence in UFC 263 battling Marvin Vettori, he is still the undefeated champion. A staggering one-million-four-hundred-thousand dollars was given to the fighter, which is tremendous when it is compared to his contender’s amount of around 100,000 dollars. Adesanya’s basic compensation for UFC 263 was allegedly $750,000, excluding the additional six-hundred-thousand earned in his portion from pay-per-view. He also received around forty-thousand dollars in sponsorships. According to a few sources, The martial artist’s career earnings total around 8 million dollars.

  • Kamaru ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman

Successfully being awarded as champion in the welterweight division, Kamaru Usman has secured himself as perhaps the best athlete in UFC history. Hence his attractive payouts in PPV events such as UFC 261 against Jorge Masvidal, earning an immense amount of 1.5 million dollars. 

Earning almost one-million per fight in his last 5 battles, Usman has earned a total of 5.7 million dollars. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ is definitely one of the highest paid UFC athletes in 2021, based on some of his recent bout purses. 

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