This Is Why You Don’t Attempt To Carjack A UFC Fighter (VIDEO)

It should be known that you don’t mess with a professional MMA fighter. UFC welterweight Jordan Williams gave us the latest reminder while fighting off a would-be-thief while casually rocking a fanny pack.

Williams took to social media to share surveillance video of an attempted carjacking shortly after he entered a convenience store.

The 30-year-old UFC fighter strolled into the store when the criminal thought he had a car right for the taking. Unfortunately, Williams’ quickly realized the man was in his vehicle and made a pursuit on foot. Williams whipped open the door, grabbed onto the would-be thief, threw some knees, and tossed the man out of the car as the failed robber ran away.

As an added bonus, Williams scored a free hat.

Williams wrote:

If you are wondering why my car was still on its the same reason why he couldn’t drive away, I have a push to start and my car won’t go unless the keys are within 5 ft of it and I have them on me always. Needless to say my lesson was learned and I hope so was his.

Wish I would of hit him with the trip after the clinch work when I tossed him out of the whip, and finish off with some ground and pound but I’ll settle with getting my car back ‍♂️

Also I know you see the stillness of that fannypack, fannyback game was on point this could be a commercial for them

Score one for the man in the fanny pack.

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