Man Dies From Shark Attack While Peeing In The Ocean

Attention sign: danger of shark attacks on the beach of Boa Viagem in Recife, Pernambuco – Brazil


A Brazilian man was enjoying a day on the beach when things turned deadly.

Marcelo Rocha Santos, 51, was drinking with friends at Piedade Beach in Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Northeastern Brazil. Eventually, nature called, so Santos decided to wander into the water to take a leak since there were no bathrooms in the vicinity.

There were signs in the area warning beachgoers to stay out of the ocean.

Santos was reportedly waste deep in water when he was attacked by a shark.

The shark bit off Santos’ hand and took a chunk out of his leg, according to the New York Post. He was eventually dragged back onto the beach before being rushed to the hospital and being pronounced dead.

“As the beach has no bathroom, I went into the sea to pee. I was beside him [in] the water,” Santos’ friend Ademir Sebastiao da Silva said. “It could be me. It was God’s deliverance. If I had been diving or lingered in the water, I could have been attacked.”

Silva was not injured in the incident.

It is believed that Santos was bitten by a bull or tiger shark. The area where the incident took place has had 12 prior attacks. There has recently been a surge of shark attacks in the area.

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