4 Saskatchewan Roughriders Players Suffer Torn Achilles In 6 Minutes

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The injury bug was running rampant at a recent workout for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

According to reports, four different players on the Roughriders suffered torn Achilles tendon during a six-minute stretch at the workout on Thursday. Two other CFL players suffered the same injury, bringing the leaguewide total to six for the day.

The CFL had canceled the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the health and safety of players were a big concern for players when they returned to the field.

With the serious run of injuries, however, the CFL Players Association is not happy and is casting some blame on the league and team officials.

“Despite the CFL’s assurances that player health and safety is a high priority for the league and teams, we have confirmed six members experienced Achilles Tendon injuries yesterday. This clearly contradicts those assurances,” the CFL Players Association said in a statement, via 3DownNation.com. “The reports we have received regarding the circumstances cause us great concern that the coaching staff were not respecting the protocols in place for the first week of player isolation. We will continue to seek answers and demand more rigorous oversight on proper player safety standards.

“We strongly recommend all members be personally proactive with their health and safety and understand that you can and should speak out when you feel your health and safety is being put at risk. Immediately contact your player reps and Association if you feel your health and safety is being compromised. The CFLPA will immediately act on your concerns. We continue to place the health and safety of our members at the forefront and we will ensure the CFL does the same.”

It is a major concern for players as they attempt to get back into playing shape and it’s an unfortunate result of the time off from the global pandemic.

Let’s hope the NFL is watching closely, because bringing players along at the right speed is crucial for a healthy season.

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