Aaron Rodgers Could Opt Out Of 2021 Season & Save $20M

SEATTLE - AUGUST 21: Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers walks on Qwest Field after winning a football game August 21, 2010 in Seattle, Washington.


The ball is in Aaron Rodgers’ court when it comes to the 2021 NFL season.

Rodgers has been adamant about staying away from the Green Bay Packers, and now he has a week to make a decision that could save or cost him tens of millions of dollars.

According to Pro Football Talk, Rodgers has until next Friday to opt-out of the upcoming season.

If he chooses to do so, Rodgers would avoid up to $20.3 million in forfeitures.

From the report:

That’s $18.3 million that he’ll keep by opting out. If he doesn’t opt out but holds out, he loses that $18.3 million — and would be fined roughly $2 million on top of it for skipping training camp.

The problem with opting out is that it requires a fairly quick decision, and the decision cannot be changed. But if Rodgers truly is thinking about staying away for all of 2021, there are 20.3 million reasons for making a final and binding decision in the next seven days.

The deadline is Friday, July 2.

Of course, if Rodgers does choose to opt out, it is a decision that cannot be reversed. So if he is truly sincere about not wanting to suit up for the Packers moving forward, the clock is ticking on a decision with huge financial consequences.

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