Wimbledon Attempting To Land Naomi Osaka After French Open Debacle

STANFORD, UNITED STATES - AUGUST 1 : Naomi Osaka of Japan at the 2017 Bank of the West Classic WTA Premier tennis tournament


After the debacle at the French Open which led to her withdrawal, Wimbledon is hoping to land world No. 2 Naomi Osaka for the upcoming major tournament this month.

Wimbledon is set to begin on June 28, and tournament officials have been in contact with Osaka.

“We have spoken to her [Osaka’s] team in the last few weeks,” All England Club chief executive Sally Bolton told the BBC, via Reuters.

“So yes, we’re certainly remaining engaged with Naomi’s team, as we are with all players. We have started a consultation. Of course, that consultation needs to include not just the players, but the media and all of those engaged in that space.”

Osaka withdrew from the French Open after an initial media blackout to preserve her mental health.

After skipping out on media obligations, French Open officials fined Osaka and threatened forfeiture if she did not change her stance. Ultimately, Osaka bowed out of the tournament and plenty of criticism was handed down to all parties involved.

Whether she decides to return at Wimbledon remains to be seen, but there is no denying the tournament would benefit from having one of the top players in the world in the field.

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