New York City COVID-19 Cases At Lowest Level Since Pandemic Began

New York, USA - June 18, 2016: People walk near Madison Square Garden and Chase bank in New York City


New York City is trending back to normal just in time for the summer.

According to the latest numbers, the city — which was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic when it first began in the United States — is seeing its lowest number of COVID-19 cases since last year when it all began.

“Since we started testing and measuring, this is the lowest level that we’ve had,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “It’s absolutely amazing.

“This is another clear fact, another clear piece of evidence that New York City is coming back strong.”

From the New York Post:

The city’s seven-day rolling average is 271 new COVID-19 cases, while just 9.72% of the 72 patients admitted to hospitals in the five boroughs have tested positive for the bug.

The city has been trying to incentivize people to get the vaccine, with lottery tickets, free MTA rides, and even free Shake Shack fries.

New York also recently dropped curfews and COVID restrictions for restaurants and other businesses, so it’s been good news for those who are hoping to restore some sense of normalcy back into their lives.

Let’s hope the trend continues going strong.

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