California Principal Goes Off-Script, Escorted Out Of Graduation (VIDEO)

When it comes to graduation speeches, you should probably stick to the script.

Unfortunately for Ben Nakamura, the now-former Stagg High School principal, he decided to air out some personal issues during his speech by taking aim at the school board and letting his students know he would not be returning.

“I was kicked out for one reason that I truly love you and this community,” Nakamura said, according to The Stockton Record. “I came here to serve you, to love you, to be in the mix and the grind with you.”

Eventually, Namaura was escorted off of the school’s campus by police.

Nakamura had been voted out of his position by the Stockton Unified School District trustees in a 4-3 vote.

While the speech didn’t go over well with the district, Nakamura said his goal was to be honest with his students and to let them know why he would not be returning.

At least one parent appreciated the gesture.

“That speech tells me how honest this principal is with his students. Tell the students, be a mentor to your little brothers and sisters. He told us where he came from, how relatable, how vulnerable. That was my takeaway: Don’t be a sellout, tell the truth,” Sofia Colon told FOX 40.

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