Oregon State President Resigns For Role In Les Miles Scandal

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Oregon State president F. King Alexander was facing a lot of backlash over his role in the Les Miles scandal and his handling of the situation while serving as president at LSU.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Alexander was resigning from his role in Corvallis.

The Oregon State University board of trustees met and accepted Alexander’s resignation will be effective as of April 1, according to ESPN.com. Alexander had been placed on probation last week.

The resignation comes amid backlash from an LSU investigation that showed “serious institutional failure” and systemic failures to address athletics-related sexual misconduct and abuse.

“When the Board of Trustees adjourned last week, we believed it was possible for President Alexander to repair the broken confidence and trust in his ability to lead OSU,” board chair Rani Borkar said in a statement.

“After listening to and hearing important input from diverse members of our community and reflecting on our own values and experiences, we now know that rebuilding trust is no longer possible.”

Alexander left LSU at the end of 2019 and had started his role at Oregon State in July 2020. He had begun his tenure at LSU on July 1, 2013.

Miles previously stepped down from his job as head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks football team.

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