What Toppings Really Belong On A Pizza?

Traditional Neapolitan Pizza


It’s the age-old debate that seems to happen every few months: what toppings really belong on a pizza?

There is always a very strong anti-pineapple on pizza sentiment, which is usually what sparks the arguments on social media.

Now, as we hit the one-year mark of being on lockdown here in New York City, the debate is back.

David Leavitt posted a simple question on Twitter to start the conversation.

“You can only add 3 toppings to this [piece] of pizza,” Leavitt tweeted. “What would you put on it?”

The comments went off of the rails, but what else do you expect from Twitter?

And thanks to the comments, there was a Twitter Hall of Fame exchange.

Now, what do you think belongs on pizza? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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