Viral Fighter Known As Bazooka Arms Has Surgery After Injecting Biceps With Vaseline

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Kirill Tereshin, a viral mixed martial arts fighter known as “Bazooka Arms”, was forced to undergo surgery on his famously swollen arms that he achieved by injecting three liters of Vaseline into his biceps.

The 24-year-old had to have surgery to remove dead tissue and solidified petroleum jelly inside of his arms.

“I’m only 24, and my immune system is so far coping with this inflammation, but I really do not know what will happen next,” said Tereshin, via Fox Sports Australia. “That is why I started the surgeries to get rid of this nightmare. I bulked up my arms when I was 20 due to my own stupidity. I did not think about the consequences.

“The hardest surgery will be on my biceps … the nerve responsible for the arms’ sensitivity is inside. God forbid something happens to this nerve and I cannot move my arm. I really worry about this, I am very afraid … I should have thought about this earlier, I know. I blame myself, I know I’m guilty.”

Photos and videos from his wild surgery and recovery can be seen on Instagram.

Most people would understand injecting petroleum jelly into your arms isn’t the smartest move, but let this serve as a reminder.

And as far as whether it helps you improve your strength, “Bazooka Arms” was easily defeated in his MMA debut a few years ago.

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