WATCH: Youngstown State Coach Cheap Shots Northern Iowa WR On Sideline

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The FCS spring season continues this weekend with a meeting between the Northern Iowa Panthers and Youngstown State Penguins.

During the first half of the game, there was a controversial moment when Northern Iowa wide receiver Quan Hampton made a dash to the sideline and intentionally went out of bounds.

After going out of bounds, Hampton was leveled by a Youngstown State assistant coach.

On the replay, it appeared that the Youngstown State assistant intentionally lowered his shoulder into Hampton for the hit after standing his ground and making no attempt to get out of the way.

Social media commenters immediately called the hit a cheap shot, but there was no flag on the play.

Check it out:

The good news for Northern Iowa, however, is that they went into halftime with the lead.

As of this writing, the Panthers hold a convincing 21-0 lead late in the fourth quarter.

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