WATCH: Jeopardy Contestants Get Stumped By NBA Question

jeopardy podium


Jeopardy! contestants are some of the brightest people we see on TV. But when it comes to sports, they often look like Average Joes.

Case and point: a recent episode of Jeopardy! that aired where contestants were stumped by a simple NBA question.

The answer was Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler.

“Recently this baller barista launched Big Face Coffee, and turned his new team – the Miami Heat – into a title contender,” the question from host Ken Jennings was.

The clue was presented with a photo of Butler smiling on the sidelines.

Despite that, no one was able to identify Butler.

Here is the moment:


We often see sports questions stump the contestants on Jeopardy! and it doesn’t look like that will end anytime soon.

The only question is: how easy will they need to get before answers start being correct?

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