NFL Championship Weekend Betting Odds 2021: Prop Bets & Odds

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It’s time for the NFL postseason to roll on with Championship Weekend of the playoffs set to kickoff in a matter of days.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be battling it out for a chance to play in Super Bowl 55 and stake their claim to the Lombardi Trophy.

Ahead of the weekend’s full slate of games, the oddsmakers shared their thoughts on how the action could play out with some prop bets for the upcoming week.

From who will be the standout performers in their individual statistical categories to which conference is favored to take home the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season, there is plenty of action for everyone.

What are the oddsmakers saying about this week and future prop bets?

A look at the betting odds and ends for this week’s NFL action can be seen below, via

Exact Super Bowl LV Outcome

Green Bay Packers win over Kansas City Chiefs                         13/4

Kansas City Chiefs win over Green Bay Packers                         13/4

Green Bay Packers win over Buffalo Bills                                   9/2

Kansas City Chiefs win over Tampa Bay Buccaneers                   5/1

Buffalo Bills win over Green Bay Packers                                    13/2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over Kansas City Chiefs                  8/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over Buffalo Bills                            17/2

Buffalo Bills win over Tampa Bay Buccaneers                             10/1

Deshaun Watson Next Team if Traded by the Houston Texans                                  

Carolina Panthers                                  6/1

Miami Dolphins                                     13/2

Atlanta Falcons                                     7/1

New York Jets                                       15/2

Denver Broncos                                    8/1

Las Vegas Raiders                                8/1

New Orleans Saints                               8/1

Chicago Bears                                      9/1

New England Patriots                            9/1

Los Angeles Rams                                10/1

San Francisco 49ers                              10/1

Dallas Cowboys                                    12/1

Detroit Lions                                         12/1

Indianapolis Colts                                  12/1

Philadelphia Eagles                               14/1

Washington Football Team                     14/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                             16/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                                20/1

New York Giants                                   25/1

Minnesota Vikings                                 33/1

Tennessee Titans                                  40/1

Cleveland Browns                                 50/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         60/1

Green Bay Packers                               66/1

Cincinnati Bengals                                 75/1

Arizona Cardinals                                  80/1

Los Angeles Chargers                            100/1

Seattle Seahawks                                  125/1

Buffalo Bills                                          150/1

Baltimore Ravens                                  200/1

Kansas City Chiefs                                250/1

Will Jared Goff start for the Rams Game 1 next season?

Yes      -200     (1/2)

No        +150     (3/2)

Starting QB for Saints in Game 1 next season

Taysom Hill                   1/1

Jameis Winston             2/1

Drew Brees                   3/1

Other                            5/1

Will Michael Thomas get traded in the offseason?

Yes      +160     (8/5)

No        -225     (4/9)

Will the Ravens draft a WR in the 1st round 2021?

Yes      -180     (5/9)

No        +140     (7/5)

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