NFL Week 17 Betting Odds & Future Prop Bets

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It’s time for the final week of the NFL regular season and there are a handful of teams that are still fighting for playoff spots and their placing in the conference.

Ahead of the new week, the oddsmakers shared their thoughts on how the action could play out with some prop bets for the upcoming week.

From who will be the standout performers in their individual statistical categories to which conference is favored to take home the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season, there is plenty of action for everyone.

What are the oddsmakers saying about this week and future prop bets?

A look at the betting odds and ends for this week’s NFL action can be seen below, via

Super Bowl


AFC                  -3½

NFC                  +3½

Steelers/Browns Props

Will Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph make contact with each other before or after the game?

Yes      +500     (5/1)

No         -900     (1/9)

Will Myles Garrett be flagged for a personal foul after contacting Mason Rudolph in game?

Yes      +400     (4/1)

No         -700     (1/7)

Will any Steelers or Browns player be thrown out of the game in Week 17?

Yes      +700     (7/1)

No         -1400   (1/14)


Myles Garrett total sacks in Week 17

Over/Under                               ½


Mason Rudolph – Total Passing Yards Week 17

Over/Under                                           209½


Mason Rudolph – Total TD Passes Week 17

Over     1½ TD Passes              +135     (27/20)

Under   1½ TD Passes              -165     (20/33)

Player/Coach Props

How many head coaches will be fired from Jan. 3-9?

Over/Under                               3

Will Urban Meyer be an NFL head coach for 2021 season?

Yes      +150     (3/2)

No        -200     (1/2)

Will Frank Gore play next season?

Yes      +150     (3/2)

No        -200     (1/2)


Will J.J Watt be on the Texans next season?

Yes      +140     (7/5)

No        -180     (5/9)


Will Ryan Fitzpatrick take a snap at QB Week 17?

Yes      +140     (7/5)

No        -180     (5/9)


John Wolford – Total Passing TD’s Week 17

Over     1½ Passing TD’s                       +200     (2/1)

Under   1½ Passing TD’s                       -300     (1/3)


John Wolford – Total Passing Yards Week 17

Over/Under                                           195½

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