WATCH: JJ Watt Goes on Epic Postgame Rant Ripping Texans’ Effort

MINNEAPOLIS, MN/USA- January 10, 2018-Jumbo helmet on display of the Houston Texans.


The Houston Texans fell to a disappointing 4-11 on the season after a 37-31 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon. Following the loss, star defensive lineman JJ Watt let his frustrations be known.

Watt ripped the team for their effort and specifically spoke about the fans.

During his rant to the media, Watt praised the fans for their consistent support while saying that they deserve better and it’s up to the Texans players to give them that effort.

“They care, every single week,” Watt said. “We’re in Week 16, we’re 4-11 and there are fans who watch this game, who show up the stadium, that put in time and energy and effort and care about this. So if you can’t go out there, you can’t work out, you can’t show up on time, you can’t practice, you can’t want to go out there and win, you shouldn’t be here. Because this is a privilege. This is the greatest job in the world. You get to go out and play a game.

“If you can’t care enough, even in Week 17, even when you’re trash when you’re 4-11, if you can’t care enough to go out there and give everything you’ve got and try your hardest, that’s bullsh*t.”

Watt continued his rant saying the Texans were letting the loyal fans down.

“They have no reason whatsoever to. We stink,” Watt said. “But they care.

“That’s who I feel the most bad for is our fans, and the people who care so deeply and the city, the people who love it and the people who truly want it to be great. And it’s not. And that sucks as a player, to know we’re not giving them what they deserve.”

In the final week of the regular season, the Texans will play host to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, January 3.

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