WATCH: Steve Kornacki Breaks Down NFL Playoff Picture & It Was Brilliant

NFL Logo Locker Room


NBC and Sunday Night Football took a risk over the weekend when they welcomed MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki to the set for a unique crossover we would have never expected.

Kornacki was one of the stars on Election Night when he helped break down the live results in the presidential race and he did not lose a single ounce of his magic. In fact, Kornacki’s bit quickly went from a gimmick to being loved by NFL fans on Twitter.

Kornacki was breaking down the NFL Playoff picture on a video board in real time.

If you know how exciting election night can be with the ever-changing results, Kornacki and NBC hit this one out of the park.

Just check out how brilliant this segment was.

Immediately the messages of support were flying out with fans hoping this could be a weekly segment while we gear up for the postseason. And honestly, it’s something new and exciting that spices up the playoff race so we are all for Mr. Kornacki coming back next week.

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