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Canadian sports are watched by millions of people inside and outside of Canada. US citizens are exposed to Canadian teams in an intraleague between the NFL and CFL, and The National Hockey League is enjoyed in Europe because it is the fastest sport in the world that doesn’t involve a bike or vehicle. With such a big and wide viewership of Canadian sport, those that support teams and events receive excellent exposure.

Top Canadian Sports Sponsorships

1. Bank of Montreal

Canadian banks have been sponsoring sports in Canada for some time. In fact, local financial institutions appear to be more inclined to support sport than in other countries where sports sponsorship is dominated by VISA, Mastercard and now some crypto companies. The BMO has been supporting professional outfits like Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes. But they even get involved with amateur and children sporting events as well.

2. PartyCasino and Racing

Gambling companies are always jostling for a piece of the pie when it comes to sports sponsorship in Canada. It is a common theme in other nations where sports viewership is enormous. Gambling sponsors are a good match for this activity because people who watch sports tend to like to gamble on the events as well. And one of the leading online casinos in Canada is now getting in on the action.

PartyCasino has been associated with NASCAR events as the sport tries to restructure the way it utilises sponsors. NASCAR recently cut ties with their long-standing sponsor to take a whole new approach, and PartyCasino were happy to be a part of that transition by promoting individual races. The latest race they supported was the PartyCasino125 at Flamboro Speedway in August 2020.

3. BioSteel (Grassroots Sponsor)

Not all of the best Canadian sponsors are in the big league. Some of them are in the small leagues too. BioSteel is a recognisable brand in the sports nutrition game, which aims to help athletes clean up their eating to the minute details.

They are now supporting grassroots sporting events and leagues for children but are doing things differently. Team sponsorship revolves around the teams taking pictures in free BioSteel jerseys and then receiving helpful equipment like water bottles and hydration packs. There is no money involved, only exposure for useful supplies.

How Helpful Is Canadian Sports Sponsorship?

With so many viewers, being involved in big-time sporting events can benefit the sponsors tremendously. Yet, the benefit goes further than cash injections to even professional teams. For example, gambling companies have the power and marketing to focus on single events and matches and drive up anticipation. They can even do this with free bets. Ultimately, this can increase sports engagement and viewership to those sports which may be losing out to the more popular ones.

Sponsorship in Canadian sport is more outside the box as well, with the Los Angeles Clippers recently becoming sponsored by a dating app.

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