How Casino Operators make their Huge Profits 

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There can be no doubt: the age of technology is certainly upon us. As technology advances, the human experience has become more convenient, efficient, and accessible. These improvements can be seen across a range of industries and gambling is no exception to this. The online gambling and casino industry has slowly begun to surpass its more traditional variants, with online operators making millions of dollars in revenue each year. The profits achieved by online casino operators might come as a surprise to some who haven’t given it much thought, but operators can’t be considered guilty of the same. Operators and executives have shared some of the smart methods they’ve employed to turn their business into a phenomenal success.

Impressive Profits From Q2

The majority of the operators whose stocks are generally considered to be good investments are well-known and reputable online casino providers. For this article, LeoVegas and Caesars Entertainment’s results will be used. The results shared by LeoVegas for Q2 in August this year painted a picture of the scalability of the business model that LeoVegas uses, especially when taking its net income into account. The company reported a 17% revenue increase to EUR 110.7 million while the net income was at EUR 23 million, which depicted a 53% growth. The number of depositing customers increased by 24% with a total of 434,453.

On the other hand, Caesars reported significant losses in its first financial report. The company has built its brand on land-based locations and gambling venues which were negatively affected by the Pandemic. Caesars also operates an online casino that has experienced more positive results during this time. The company reported a $100 million loss but in the same breath, disclosed that Caesars iGaming and sports betting offerings could generate between $600 million and $700 million in revenue by next year. For this year, the New Jersey iGaming unit is expected to yield $125 million in profits alone.

How These Results Are Achieved

It should not come as a surprise, but each company manages its assets differently. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to business. That being said, there are some core aspects that all operators factor into the plans to ensure the success of their offering. The first aspect is marketing. Hiring a great marketing agency or marketing personnel might take a big chunk out of the available funds initially but tend to act as more of an investment. Caesars and LeoVegas have spent significant amounts of money on ensuring that their target markets see their advertisements and are prompted to try out their offerings. This leads to more players signing up, and effectively increases market share over time. The second aspect is promotion and rewards, and this aspect functions very similarly to marketing. Initially, it might seem like a loss for the company but over time, an increased number of players means there is more money being spent on a particular site. Site Operators that make it a point to update their offers and create seasonal promotions tend to build more loyal relationships with their customers, which is what LeoVegas and Caesars both strive to do.

The last aspect of this business model is a loyalty program or membership. Customers can sign up for these programs that offer them exclusive benefits and only have to pay an annual fee to subscribe. These programs only work if the casino is marketed well, shows appreciation for customers through promotional offers, and then offers players the chance to be a part of something more prestigious and loyal.


While the method that LeoVegas and Caesars operators use is only one of the effective business models for this industry, it is the one that has depicted the most success. The future of online casino operators is likely very bright with projections show exponential growth increases.

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