Who Are NFL Teams Yet To Win The Super Bowl?

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The NFL is getting back underway and now is the time for fans, players, and franchise owners to dare to dream.

In sport, anything can happen and that is exactly what us fans will be hoping for especially when it comes to the betting markets so we can take advantage of the best Bet-at-home free bet offers to really maximize the season. 

For some of the teams, there is the added incentive of going all the way to Super Bowl success for the first time in their histories, but which sides are those still waiting to get their hands-on Vince Lombardi Trophy? And how close have they come in the past? 

Cincinnati Bengals 

Established fifty-three years ago, it seems surprising the Bengals have never managed to get over the line in the NFL. 

Fourteen times the Bengals have made it to the playoffs but not since 2015 and the feeling is 2020/21 will not be their year either. 

Buffalo Bills

Bills have come so close to Super Bowl glory on numerous occasions. Four times in fact, firstly in 1990 when they lost by a single point to the Giants, again a year later when they lost to Washington, in 1993 when they lost to the Dallas Cowboys, and for the fourth year in a row in 1993 losing to the Cowboys again – ouch. 

Cleveland Browns 

Cleveland was one of the top teams in the 1950s and did technically become champions in 1964. However, the ‘Super Bowl’ started in 1966 and the Browns have had a troubled time of it recently with no playoff appearance since 2002.

Arizona Cardinals

 Originally the Chicago Cardinals, twice they were champions (1924, 1947) but well before the merger and have only made ten playoff appearances in the ‘Super Bowl’ era.

Los Angeles Chargers

Again, another side to have had more success prior to the merger claiming a Championship in 1963. However, little success has followed since although they did make their one and only Super Bowl appearance in 1994 losing to the 49ers.

Atlanta Falcons

It wasn’t so long back that many people were tipping the Falcons to go all the way but alas not yet. Losing to the Broncos in 1999 and the Patriots in 2017 is as close as it has come for Atlanta. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

A popular team in the UK for regularly playing on British soil, that support is yet to help the Jaguars wield a Super Bowl win. 

In fact, Jacksonville is still awaiting their first Super Bowl appearance. 

Detroit Lions

Four times the Lions have won the top prize, but all four came before the merger and the Super Bowl era. However, they have made the playoffs 17 times most recently in 2016.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers should not be on this list. Twice they have reached the Super Bowl and twice they have lost it but more recently they have been one of the favourites but never managed to get over the line. 

Houston Texans

Houston’s first season was only eighteen years ago so it may not be a surprise they are still awaiting their first major success. They have made the playoff six times though most recently in 2019 so are on the up.

Tennessee Titans

Two wins pre-merger don’t mean a lot here, but 23 playoff appearances show the side have the gusto to go deep and could be troubling the top table sooner rather than later. 

Minnesota Vikings

Four times the Vikings have reached the Super Bowl losing all four. None of those appearances have come since 1978 although they did make the playoff in 2019.

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