Big 12 Proceeds with 2020 Fall Football Plan

The same day the Big Ten and Pac-12 announced the postponement of their seasons on August 11, the Big 12 conference confirmed they will continue moving forward with their plan for playing fall football.

The Big 12’s board of directors met for over an hour on August 11 to discuss the future of the conference’s season in the midst of the Big Ten and Pac-12 deciding to postpone fall sports until 2021.

This decision leaves the Big 12, SEC and ACC as the three Power 5 conferences who plan on playing, for now.

The athletic directors for Big 12 schools met on the same day after the board of directors meeting.

A revised Big 12 schedule for the fall is expected to be released soon. Teams still get to play their schedules with nine conference games and one non-conference game, but the start of conference play will be pushed back to September 26.

This news comes after the Big 12 was reportedly split on whether to play in the fall or not. According to Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades, if the conference voted, it was expected to be “really, really close.”

The American Athletic Conference and the Sun Belt Conference are also expected to move forward with plans to play football in the fall. This means at least five FBS conferences are still planning to play fall football, while four – the Big Ten, Pac-12, Mountain West and Mid-American – have decided to postpone their seasons.

Brooke Thomas – D1 Athlete and Rising Instagram Star
Brooke Thomas – D1 Athlete and Rising Instagram Star
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